<IR> Network for Professional Accountancy Bodies

<IR> Network for Professional Accountancy Bodies was launched by The International Federation of Accountants, in conjunction with the IIRC.

The purpose of the Network is to support the exchange of ideas, knowledge, experiences and resources between Professional Accountancy Bodies (PAOs) on matters related to integrated reporting.

Many PAOs are, or seek to, engage their membership in <IR>, and to influence the adoption of <IR>:

(a) through their members, and

(b) by influencing other stakeholders.

To support them, the Network focuses on areas that benefit from an exchange of ideas, knowledge, experiences and resource between PAOs, including:

  • Approaches to raising awareness of <IR> among professional accountants (members and students)
  • Opportunities and challenges in facilitating the adoption of <IR>, including promoting market awareness, and influencing the regulatory environment, perceptions of preparer organizations and other key stakeholders.
  • Approaches to equipping and supporting members and students to deliver <IR> through education, training, and refinements to curriculum.

In terms of playing a central role and influencing key stakeholders (including preparer organizations, investor groups, government, industry bodies, stock exchanges, and academic community), some PAOs are establishing, running, and/or contributing to multi-stakeholder, national/regional collaborations.

IFAC and the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) have created a network of contacts at PAOs to help encourage more widespread adoption and implementation of integrated reporting.

You can find further resources from IFAC at the Integrated Reporting PAO Network.