<IR> Technology Initiative

The <IR> Technology Initiative brings companies together to look at how technology can underpin new trends in corporate reporting, and in particular, can be applied to assist in the global adoption of integrated reporting. Participating companies are building a deep understanding of how technology can be applied to assist adopters of integrated reporting on both sides of the report production and consumption value chain. They respond to challenges and queries from other <IR> Network participants, to provide assistance on ways in which technology can be applied to deal with their problems.

The <IR> Technology Initiative features companies from a range of disciplines, including business software, reporting software, sustainability software, consultancy and systems integration, and it enables them to share experiences and lead market innovation.


Current participants

  • Atos
  • Controlling Group
  • CR360
  • Deloitte
  • EY
  • Finext
  • Indra
  • KPMG
  • PwC
  • SAP
  • Satriun Group
  • Software for Sustainable Business (S4SB)
  • Tagetik

The programme also has a policy observer from the European Commission.

Summary of the work programme

<IR> Technology Initiative activities provides opportunities for participants to:

1. Learn from others, including:

  • Connection to regional and international networks, to gain knowledge and experience from other participants and explore opportunities to engage with sector peers
  • In-person and virtual meetings, through which Participants can learn about the latest thinking and how to help their organizations progress with the development of technologies, products and services aimed at promoting integrated thinking and reporting, as well as networking amongst Participants

2. Be involved in development of a range of resources, including research and thought leadership content that can be used to help early adopters gain a wealth of insight on the use of technology in practical integrated reporting implementation and integrated thinking

3. Influence the development and adoption of integrated reporting by contributing to the global development of reporting, including using insight and advocacy to inspire others on conference platforms, through thought leadership, and by example from integrated thinking and reporting.

4. Be recognized as a proponent of corporate reporting innovation and build reputation, including by:

  • Showcasing leadership, sharing experience to provide good practice examples and contribute to the range of resources available for others
  • Acknowledgment as an <IR> Technology Initiative Participant, enjoying recognition on the IIRC website, in publications and at integrated reporting related events.

Invitation to join the <IR> Technology Initiative

The three year programme of the <IR> Technology Initiative is co-ordinated by the IIRC and is open to all technology-oriented companies. To apply to join the programme, please contact the IIRC via the following email address: [email protected].


Will Ritzrau, Head of Sustainable Strategy and integrated reporting, SAP discusses the strategic impact of SAP’s move towards integrated reporting, and why SAP is involved in the <IR> Technology Initiative.