<IR> Business Network webinars

The <IR> Business Network and the SASB Alliance are merging to into a more expansive membership program. More information will be announced in mid-July.

Participants in the <IR> Business Network can gain access to many exciting webinars throughout 2021.

These webinars are part of the special benefits available to participants of the <IR> Business Network. Whether you want to be a leader, or learn from leaders, the <IR> Business Network will provide you with a platform to advance your corporate reporting journey.

We hold regular webinars with companies from over 30 countries in the world to exchange best practice.

We tackle head on the practical challenges faced by businesses – issues like compliance, materiality, and how to achieve completeness and conciseness.

The Integrated Thinking and Strategy Group provides a specialism for those companies wanting more in-depth engagement.

16 September
Integrated Thinking and Strategy Group


14 July
SDG Meeting

The fifth SDG meeting including updates from Working Group participants, current practice examples and Corporate Tool Development.

26 May
SDG Meeting

The fourth SDG meeting, involving feedback on progress using UNEP FI tools, next steps regarding completing the impact analysis and mapping UNEP FI’s Impact Methodology with the <IR> Framework.

18 May
What the future will hold for the Value Reporting Foundation

What’s happening right now is the biggest change to accounting standard setting and company disclosure to the capital markets in a generation. And so, ahead of the merger of the Value Reporting Foundation with the IFRS Foundation in June, we have invited Janine Guillot, CEO of the Value Reporting Foundation, to provide an update on the merger and the latest developments in the field. We will also have Rommie Johnson, Technical Strategy Lead and Granville Martin, the Director of Global Regulatory Outreach from the VRF provide further insight into the corporate reporting field.

5 May
Integrated Thinking & Strategy

The webinar will provide insights on the Integrated Thinking Principles and will explore how integrated thinking can foster integrated reporting and impact reporting with a deep-dive presentation from Luiss University. The webinar will also shed light on the upcoming Forum on integrated thinking that shall take place in Rome on the 27th of May.

5 April
An update on integrated reporting assurance

The webinar will build on the 2021 Business Reporting Assurance webinar, with a focus on the preparer and user experience of integrated reporting assurance, the benefits obtained, and the learning points. Michael Bray, Special Adviser to CEO of the Value Reporting Foundation, will facilitate the webinar with input provided by Tjeerd Krumpleman on ABN Amro and EY’s integrated reporting assurance journey. CPA Australia and Julia Bilyanska from KPMG will talk about their integrated reporting assurance experience.

24 March
SDG Group meeting

The third SDG meeting, involving general discussion on integrated thinking and reporting and the SDG, feedback on progress using UNEP FI tools and mapping UNEP FI’s Impact Methodology with the <IR> Framework.

16 March
Using the Framework and SASB Standards together

The webinar will explore the benefits and practicalities of using the <IR> Framework and SASB Standards together in your reporting (see an earlier paper on this topic here). Case studies from several international companies will demonstrate how annual reporting using both contribute to long-term business performance and more sustainable economic, environmental and societal outcomes.

27 January
SDG Group meeting

The second SDG meeting, involving an open feedback discussion and detailed information regarding the Corporate Impact Analysis Tool.

25 January
Transition to integrated reporting - How to get started

The webinar will go over the guide to getting started which explores the basics of integrated reporting, identifies potential catalysts for change, and offers a steppingstone approach to implementation.

15 December
SDG Group meeting

The first SDG meeting, involving introductions from new participants, high level findings on current SDG reporting and an open forum.

6-7 December
2021 Value Reporting Foundation Symposium

Two full days of content, emphasizing a regional focus that incorporates EMEA, the Americas and Asia-Pacific.

4 November
Launch of the SDG Special Interest Group

A webinar covering the objectives of the SDG group, an overview of the UNEP-FI’s Corporate Impact Analysis Tool and an open forum for general discussion around progress on SDG reporting.

1 October
Integrated Thinking and Impact Workshop

An introduction to the Integrated Thinking & Strategy Group and introduction to the Integrated Thinking & Impact. Four case study discussions from Impact Developments Global, UBS and Novartis, Impact Institute.

7 September
Driving environmental performance using integrated thinking
The webinar will explore how integrated thinking can help drive environmental performance, technology and science-based target commitments with presentations from Royal Philips NV, ABN AMRO and Ecochain Technologies.
15 July
Integrated thinking and the multi-capitals model – joint Business Network and ACCA webinar

Understanding the often-complex interrelationships between the capitals, and how they affect strategy, is a core aspect of integrated thinking and reporting.

30 June
New Report launch – by VRF’s Special Interest Group on Integrated Thinking and Strategy ‘Integrated Thinking: A Virtuous Loop’

Gaining insights into the business case for the continuous journey towards multi-capital integration, highlighting the benefits participants of the Integrated Thinking & Strategy Group have experienced through the implementation of integrated thinking.

23 June
ACCA report on business model resilience

Discussion of ACCA report, with case studies from the Italian energy infrastructure company Snam and the Australian pension fund Cbus, summarizing key findings from the 2020 business model resilience reviews of <IR> Business Network participants.

19 May
Integrated reporting strategy update

Update on the IIRC’s intended merger with SASB and the creation of the Value Reporting Foundation, as well as broader developments in the corporate reporting system for financial and sustainability information.

29 April
Business Network and investor roundtable on sustainability-related disclosure within an integrated report

An <IR> Business Network and investor roundtable to present and discuss the December 2020 prototype paper (Reporting on enterprise value: Illustrated with a prototype climate-related financial disclosure standard).

20-21 April
The Value Reporting Foundation: Tools to Communicate Long-Term Value Creation

Two invite-only webinars for <IR> Business Network and SASB Alliance participants, hosted by Janine Guillot, CEO, SASB and Charles Tilley, CEO, IIRC to find out more about how the International <IR> Framework and SASB Standards, when used together, can provide a more complete picture of long-term enterprise value creation, while meeting investor needs for comparable, consistent and reliable information.

26 March
Integrated report assurance

Case study of EY’s assurance of ABN AMRO’s 2020 integrated report.

25 February
Integrated thinking & strategy Special Interest Group update

Case studies update for the Special Interest Group maturity model for integrated thinking, and an overview of 2021 SIG activities.


3 February
Integrated reporting - the investor perspective

Joint webinar with Deutsche Boerse and Kirchhoff Consult AG. The webinar will explore how integrated reporting fulfils the needs of investors, drawing on the joint thought leadership recently published by the IIRC and Kirchhoff.

19 January
Launch of the revised International Integrated Reporting Framework

The revised <IR> Framework explained by the IIRC’s leadership and technical teams with expert industry leaders.

30 November - 2 December 2020
IIRC Virtual Global Conference

Engage with international business leaders, investors, finance professionals and thinkers, to enable your organization to take an innovative and optimized approach to long-term value creation.

4 November 2020
Integrated reporting: joint webinar with ACCA

Integrated Reporting: Connectivity and KPIs

23 October 2020
Integrated thinking case studies 3

An interactive webinar, presenting the Integrated Thinking and Strategy Group’s latest company case studies.

30 September 2020
Integrated Reporting

Principle of Connectivity in integrated reporting webinar for Business Network

4 September 2020
Integrated thinking case studies 2

An interactive webinar, presenting the Integrated Thinking and Strategy Group’s latest company case studies.

26 August 2020
SDGs in integrated thinking and reporting 

During this webinar, we will discuss the role of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within integrated thinking and reporting, with ArcelorMittal and CDL sharing their journey in relation to SDG disclosures. Professor Carol Adams will present her recent report on SDG disclosure, and preceding SDG report on integrated thinking, both published by the IIRC.

25 August 2020
<IR> Training Promotion

<IR> Training Promotion webinar for Training Partners

17 July 2020
Integrated thinking case studies 1

Since publishing the Integrated Thinking State of Play report earlier this year, the Integrated Thinking and Strategy Group has gathered a number of company case studies, showing integrated thinking in practice. Hear these case studies in a series of exclusive <IR> Business Network webinars.

4 June 2020
Cbus case study: Integrated thinking, reporting and assurance
Cbus, one of Australia’s largest pension funds, is an exemplary integrated reporter and integrated thinker. They are also one of the first organizations in the world to have had their integrated report assured by KPMG. Join the CEO of Cbus and the KPMG-accredited integrated reporting advisory and assurance specialist, who led the Cbus integrated reporting assurance process, to hear this story firsthand.
3 June 2020
The Integrated Thinking & Strategy Group workshop
An online workshop to discuss integrated thinking case studies and maturity mapping.
27 May 2020
Public webinar on <IR> Framework revision

An update and overview of the 2020 <IR> Framework revision process, and introduction to the 90-day public consultation on the proposed amendments to the <IR> Framework (May – August).

20 May 2020
Principles of e-learning

Principles of e-learning webinar for Training Partners

19 May 2020
Business case for integrated strategy and reporting

As businesses face new and fast-paced challenges, an organization’s business strategy has to be increasingly resilient to respond. Join Jonathan Labrey, Chief Strategy Officer, IIRC & Tjeerd Krumpelman, Global Head of Business Advisory, Reporting & Engagement, ABN AMRO, to discuss the current business case for integrated strategy and reporting, as well as the latest news from the IIRC.

3 April 2020
Integrated thinking
Integrated thinking is a multi-capital management approach that enables organizations to deliver their purpose to the benefit of their key stakeholders over time. It is about creating and preserving value and enabling better decision making based on interconnected, multi-capital information. This webinar looked at the latest developments in the model for integrated thinking.
19 March 2020
Integrated reporting leading practices: findings from 2019 Report Critique Project

ACCA and IIRC provided an overview of the findings of the upcoming ACCA insights report, which examines the reporting practices of organizations in the <IR> Business Network via the Report Critique Project 2019.

9 March 2020
<IR> Framework revision

<IR> Framework revision webinar for Training Partners

14 February 2020
Integrated thinking and strategy: the state of play

The report, ‘Integrated Thinking & Strategy: State of Play Report’ has been developed by a group of over 50 organizations globally. We believe that this has culminated in a report that will aid organizations looking to embed integrated thinking. This webinar invited <IR> Business Network participants to join in a discussion on the model we presented for integrated thinking, which will encourage long-term, sustainable decision making, enabling businesses to play their roles as stewards of a sustainable world.