<IR> Report Critique Project

Every year, the IIRC reviews the annual reports of our global <IR> Network participants. A panel of specialists provide analysis of the annual reports, benchmarking them against the International <IR> Framework. <IR> Network participants can additionally request for our panel of investors to share high-level feedback on whether the report meets their information needs as providers of financial capital. All feedback is then shared confidentially with individual participants.

The feedback received is highly valued by our <IR> Network participants, with the project helping to:

  • Improve implementation of the International <IR> Framework through a better understanding of where they are on the integrated reporting journey and where there are opportunities for improvement
  • Highlight leading practice to support and inspire other organizations globally to use the <IR> Framework, leading to progressive and effective reporting
  • Provide insights into emerging market trends in corporate reporting. The IIRC partners with ACCA, who collate the findings of these reviews to produce a wider insights report.

The IIRC would like to thank the organizations who have been involved in our review panels, helping us to provide tailored feedback to the <IR> Network participants:


Allianz GI, Asset Management One, Corporate Reporting Users Forum (CRUF), Credit Suisse Holt, Generali Investment,  La Française Group, NN Investments, Norges Bank Investment Management, Old Mutual Investment Group, PRI, Regnan, SBIMF, and Standard Life, and WHEB.


ACCA, AICL Communications, Australian National University, BDO, Black Sun, CSR Works, Deakin University, DKV Seguros, Enact Sustainable Strategies, Goodvision, Grant Thornton UK, Greymatter & Finch, Incite, Koan, Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Mazars, MIB Trieste School of Management, Nederlandse Beroepsorganisatie van Accountants, PETRANIX, PwC, SMS, Universitàdi Bari and University of East Anglia.

ACCA insights reports

Findings from previous reviews collated by ACCA, demonstrating the trends in reporting are available for download:

2019: Insights into Integrated Reporting 4.0: The story so far

2018: Insights into Integrated Reporting 3.0: The drive for authenticity

2017: Insights into Integrated Reporting 2.0: Walking the talk

2016: Insights into Integrated Reporting: Challenges and best practice responses

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If you think your organization would benefit from having your integrated report reviewed and you are interested in finding out more about the <IR> Network and what else is on offer, please do get in touch.