<IR> Training Programme


What is the <IR> Training Programme?

Undertake <IR> Training to develop your skills and to build capacity for your organization to implement integrated reporting. Our training model is based on learning outcomes, with two levels of competence:

Introductory level training:

  • Present the business case for integrated reporting, including integrated thinking, within your organization
  • Explain the fundamental concepts of value creation, the capitals, and the value creation process
  • Describe the requirements of the <IR> Framework
  • Describe the factors that contribute to the successful implementation of integrated reporting, including integrated thinking, within an organization.

Practitioner level training:

  • Demonstrate the introductory level learning outcomes
  • Apply the fundamental concepts
  • Advise an organization on how to apply the requirements of the <IR> Framework and the changes required to existing reporting practices
  • Participate effectively as part of a team planning and coordinating the implementation of integrated reporting, including integrated thinking, within an organization.

Who are the <IR> Training Partners?

We have appointed approved <IR> Training Partners to deliver this training. These partners have been handpicked for their detailed knowledge and understanding of integrated reporting.

How can I arrange training for my organization?

What is the <IR> Competence Matrix?

The competence levels and related learning outcomes are outlined in the <IR> Competence Matrix. This was developed through a global consultation process including the input of a global advisory group, drawn from a wide range of organizations and countries. It identifies the knowledge, skills and behaviours that organizations need to adopt integrated reporting and realize its benefits (read section one). We will make the full <IR> Competence Matrix available to organizations that commit to not using it for commercial purposes, please complete this short form to request a copy

What is our approach?

We have taken a distinct approach to the <IR> Training Programme, which we believe is in keeping with our role to be market-led and to provide global offerings that can be applied in different contexts to suit local practices and requirements. Read more.

How do we appoint <IR> Training Partners?

Training Partners must submit for approval a training plan that explains how they will address the learning outcomes from the <IR> Competence Matrix before being able to offer <IR> Training. If you are interested in becoming an <IR> Training Partner contact [email protected]