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<IR> networks worldwide now have over 750 participants

Posted 30 March, 2015

Businesses find the <IR> networks help them implement integrated reporting by giving them important insights, the ability to test ideas and learn from peers. At its roots, integrated reporting is market-led, responding to the needs of businesses to improve the way they communicate their value creation story. Therefore, businesses find that collaborating and sharing experiences is the best way to get the most out of their move towards integrated reporting.

As a result, the <IR> networks are growing, with more opportunities for organisations to collaborate with national and industry peers as well as international businesses, to explore how to evolve their integrated thinking and reporting practices.

<IR> networks are instrumental in increasing the pace and scale of integrated reporting adoption with the number of participants now at over 750. The IIRC is collaborating with many organisations around the world to run these networks, including stock exchanges, institutes, businesses and industry associations. For example, the Confederation of Indian Industry and the Brazilian Development Bank are leading dynamic and wide-reaching networks in their regions, and the IIRC is keen to develop and replicate this model globally to bring the benefits of integrated reporting to new audiences.