New report looks at benefits of ‘Integrated Reporting in Turkey’

6 February, 2019

A new report, ‘Integrated Reporting in Turkey’,  carried out in cooperation with the Center for Finance Corporate Governance and Sustainability, ACCA and KPMG Turkey has been published. The report aims to reveal perspectives of the Turkish business world through the lens of integrated reporting, the current corporate reporting practices, and the future expectations and orientations of the companies.

The research results exhibit that integrated reporting is on the agenda of the senior executives within the c-suite. However, the results also indicate that companies need to be informed more about the issue and that integrated reporting practices are expected to become more widespread through various incentives to be provided.

The <IR> Turkey Network works within the business and investor community to build understanding and awareness of what integrated reporting is and how it can bring benefits to the market.

The survey indicated that those preparing integrated reports are already accessing a range of benefits including:

  • 72% reporting gains in productivity
  • 56% accessing a lower cost of capital
  • 92% finding benefits in linking environmental, social and governance data with financial data
  • 96% considering their capitals more extensively, beyond the financials
  • 96% creating an integrated mindset that allows for the company to evaluate its long-term sustainability.