Novo Nordisk rethinks its value creation process with integrated thinking

10 November, 2021

The <IR> Business Network’s Integrated Thinking & Strategy Group publishes its latest case study on integrated thinking in action from Novo Nordisk.

Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company with 95 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care. This heritage has given the organization the experience and capabilities that also enable them to help people defeat other serious chronic conditions: rare bleeding disorders, growth hormone related disorders and obesity. Headquartered in Denmark, Novo Nordisk employs approximately 45,300 people in 80 countries and markets its products in more than 170 countries.

The organization has been working on its value creation process in a holistic way since 2004. Integrated thinking has supported the organization’s process of integrating financial and pre/non-financial aspects within its internal processes and practices.

Novo Nordisk relies on a strong organizational culture in which the purpose of the organization is cascaded throughout the business, supported by integrated thinking. Moreover, integrated thinking supports the organization in its process of balancing the quality and quantity of information that is disclosed to Novo Nordisk’s stakeholders.

Read the case study in full and find out more about Novo Nordisk’s motivations, approach and success in achieving its purpose.

The <IR> Business Network’s Integrated Thinking & Strategy Group series of case studies examine how integrated thinking has been embedded within international organizations from diverse sectors. The interviews conducted with key stakeholders identifies each organization’s motivations, how integrated thinking has helped shape and deploy the organization’s strategy, and what the benefits have been.