Paul Druckman addresses the difficult issues

17 May, 2016

In a series of five video interviews I asked Paul Druckman, CEO, IIRC questions about corporate and integrated reporting that people are asking and I probed on issues which are attracting some controversy.

These are the videos and the issues explored:

Social and environmental sustainability for accountants: What does social and environmental sustainability mean to you? Do accountants need to know about it any why? What do Board members need to know about sustainability? Has sustainability reporting failed?

The meaning of value creation: How do you change capital markets to focus on long term value creation? Has the IIRC turned its back on its original commitment to sustainability? What’s been the secret to getting support from stakeholders with such diverse interests? Would Integrated Reporting have made a difference in the case of the Volkswagen scandal?

The role of corporate reporting in providing information to investors: What are the challenges in improving the quality and credibility of integrated reports? How can we do better? Should Integrated Reporting be mandatory?

The role of business schools in changing capital markets: Are business schools fulfilling their responsibilities to lead transformation?

The future of corporate reporting, accounting for sustainable development and capital markets: What would you say to report preparers concerned about the variety of different reporting frameworks to choose from? Are framework setters ready to work together? Should we be putting a financial value on externalities? What values would you like your successor have?

The world is facing significant challenges and these lead to increasing complexity for businesses. Companies must be part of the solution and they must adapt to survive. So must the capital market system. In these videos Paul presents a compelling case that, done well, Integrated Reporting can help make that happen.