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How do trade mark and designs create value for society?

12 May 2017

By allowing creative people in whatever area of endeavour to benefit from the investment they have made in time or money! Trade marks protect brands, which are at the core of all marketing activities and ensure that the public know what they are buying in terms of products or services. Designs protect the appearance of …

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Future of Corporate Reporting

4 May 2017

In October of 2015 Accountancy Europe – at that time, the Federation of European Accountants – issued a discussion paper entitled The Future of Corporate Reporting – creating the dynamics for change. It questions how corporate reporting needs to adapt to economic reality and stakeholder expectations. The discussion it generated has been incredibly fruitful and …

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AXA publishes its first Integrated Report: a commitment for the long term

26 April 2017

This year, AXA’s ‘Activity & Corporate Responsibility Report’ has become an ‘Integrated Report’. This shift reflects AXA’s commitment, since 2014, to gradually align our content and analysis with the International Integrated Reporting Council’s (IIRC) objectives to promote enhanced corporate reporting through more clearly correlated business and societal performance drivers. AXA believes that integrated reporting principles …

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Integrated Reporting – my journey “inside the box”

7 April 2017

Being a sustainability professional, I worked with ‘like-minded’ people during the largest part of my career. I never needed to convince my co-workers on the importance of issues such as climate change and respect for human rights. They were already ‘converted’, so to say. When I worked with clients, I usually worked with the same …

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A step towards integrated thinking in Turkey

6 April 2017

Today, we are well aware that focusing on merely economic and financial results are not sufficient for institutions to sustain. In the last few decades, organizational market value has slowly shifted from price-based tangible capitals to intangible capitals such as intellectual assets, research and development strength, brand value and also social and human capital. Numerous …

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Integrated Reporting and the Investor Demand for Materiality

3 April 2017

Last week I published a paper “The Investing Enlightenment: How Principle and Pragmatism Can Create Sustainable Value through ESG” with Mirtha Kastrapeli, head of Sustainable Investment Research at State Street’s Center for Applied Research (CAR). This paper was based on a global survey of 582 institutional investors evenly split between asset owners and asset managers …

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The Climate Task Force Recommendations and <IR> Framework: Same spirit and intent

28 March 2017

The new Recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (FSB-TCFD) and the IIRC’s <IR> Framework speak the same language. The two frameworks have the same spirit and intent, and the disclosure content recommended by the TCFD can feed into mainstream annual financial reporting as well as Integrated Reporting. This was evident in discussions …

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The need to build organizational capacity for integrated thinking and reporting

2 March 2017

At BSD Consulting, we firmly believe in the importance of the appropriate allocation of capital to create value over time. To achieve that, we need a shift away from how we currently manage and communicate value to a new approach – one that recognizes the importance of linkages between organizational business models, the capitals and …

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The time is right for Integrated Reporting

2 March 2017

As many corporate reporters are currently immersed in the annual reporting process, it’s both a busy time and a relevant time for Black Sun to reflect back on the past several months. A lot has taken place in the market, both in the UK and globally. Geo-political impacts have triggered new agendas whilst trust in …

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From Framework inception to implementation: The IIRC’s history of consultation

1 March 2017

Today, the International Integrated Reporting Council launches a two-month comment period aimed at listening to and learning from the market. We’re inviting public feedback on critical incentives and barriers to applying the International <IR> Framework. And, we figure there’s no stronger pool of knowledge than that acquired by users and preparers of integrated reports and …

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