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Many paths, one direction: The compass of integrated reporting that shows the way

18 April 2019

India is one of the fastest growing economies. Yet, corporate reporting in India faces many headwinds.  Regulatory pressures have led to companies producing many different reports – annual reports, CSR reports, Business Responsibility Reports (BRR), sustainability reports and reports that indicate compliance with emission and effluent standards. This has led to a multiplicity of reports …

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新時代の経営課題の解決につながる統合報告という考え方と 国際統合報告評議会(IIRC)の役割

17 April 2019





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2015 was the turning point for ABN AMRO

3 April 2019

A turning point, because it changed how we viewed our role and potential to create meaningful, long-term value.  Did we realise the significance at the time? I am not sure. But today, we are very aware of it. That year we published our first integrated report. It was the year we chose not only report …

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The Universal Commons: from reporting to the market

2 April 2019

One of the primary motivations of the integrated reporting movement is the observation that profit, when narrowly defined in purely financial terms, does not exhaust what we might call “genuine value.” If we consider what does constitute genuine value, it would include more than just the products and services that people can attain through commercial …

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How ‘integrated reporting’ is helping find the answers to business challenges in the new era – and how the International Integrated Reporting Council is here to help

27 March 2019

As the International Integrated Reporting Council publishes answers to the most frequently asked questions on integrated reporting, its CEO, Richard Howitt, discusses why the time is right to adopt integrated reporting. Would it worry you to know that you might only be looking at 20% of the likely value of your organization? Yet that is …

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On Governance: How Integrated Reporting Helps Define and Measure Value

22 February 2019

‘On Governance’ is a series of guest blog posts from corporate governance thought leaders. The series, which is curated by the Conference Board Governance Center research team, is meant to serve as a way to spark discussion on some of the most important corporate governance issues. This is the first part of a two-part series about …

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Using reporting to drive integrated thinking

21 February 2019

We recently hosted an introductory course in integrated thinking for our clients and a few colleagues. What we learned was quite inspiring – over the last eight years, the gap between “better practice disclosure” and corporate communication is closing fast. A business’ social licence to operate and its role in sustainable value creation are genuinely …

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The new reputational landscape

19 February 2019

According to the Edelman ‘Trust Barometer’, trust in business now stands at just 43%. What’s more, the 2018 Reputation Dividend Report estimates that corporate reputation is now directly responsible for an average of 38% of market capitalisation of FTSE 350 companies. With these stark statistics in mind, we have dedicated issue 4 of our thought-leadership publication, ‘Reporting Matters’ …

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