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April Newsletter

5 May 2015

In this issue: Providing clarity across frameworks and standards An insight into the new Integrated Reporting website B20 Update Learning from leading practice IIRC responds to public consultation

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March Newsletter

1 April 2015

In this issue: <IR> networks worldwide now have over 750 participants <IR> Academic Network Public Sector Pioneer Network moves forward <IR> Technology Initiative gets underway <IR> Banking Network Chairman, Mikkel Larsen, delves into integrated thinking

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February Newsletter

4 March 2015

In this issue: Training for <IR> ISO standard complements <IR> Framework An end to the mantra ‘people are our greatest asset’ <IR> in Zambia: “Integrated Reporting anchors the reporting process in a more meaningful expression of how value is created” New collaboration with Dutch accountancy body to spread <IR>

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January Newsletter

31 January 2015

In this issue: <IR> on stage at Davos <IR> Insurance Network CEO of Singapore Accountancy Commission discusses their first Annual Report Next steps for Assurance on <IR> Contextual reporting connects the integrated report to company data

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December Newsletter

17 December 2014

The December 2014 newsletter is a special edition of the IIRC Newsletter – one year on from the Framework launch. It introduces the <IR> Yearbook 2014, which highlights the experiences, tops and recommendations of the businesses and investors that helped to develop, test and pioneer <IR> in the IIRC Pilot Programme. The newsletter can be …

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November Newsletter

30 November 2014

In this issue: Building transparency and trust in the public sector Harnessing new technology to improve reporting Learning from the South Africa experience World Congress of Accountants paves way to adoption ‘Creating Value’ published Your last chance to contribute to the debate on assurance

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October Newsletter

31 October 2014

In this issue: IIRC calls on G20 to endorse B20 recommendations Mark Carney declares support for <IR> Japanese Government endorses <IR> IIRC Working Group wraps up New Climate Economy Report: Businesses should adopt <IR> Framework <IR> at the World Congress of Accountants Global Management Accounting Principles

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September Newsletter

3 October 2014

In this issue: <IR> Business Network launched B20 calls on IIRC to make corporate reporting conducive to long-term investment Realizing the benefits: The impact of Integrated Reporting SEBI calls for industry-led roadmap to <IR> adoption Investor call for <IR> World Bank convenes Public Sector Pioneer Network conference ICGN Global Governance Principles <IR> and the Scottish …

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August Newsletter

29 August 2014

In this issue: Enabling <IR> through Technology IIRC Pilot Programme Conference 2014 <IR> takes hold in India Malaysian companies back PM’s <IR> call Global assurance debate kicks off ‘The Trilemma of Reporting’ by Thorsten Pinkepank, BASF ‘The stepping stones towards more forward looking corporate reporting’ by Paul Druckman, CEO, IIRC.

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July Newsletter

31 July 2014

In this issue: A call for Assurance debate Apply to the <IR> Business Network to progress with <IR> Australian G100 backs <IR> innovation to improve reporting Japan: Integrated Reporting part of Prime Minister Abe’s ‘Third Arrow’ UNCTAD World Investment Report calls for <IR> New Guide: “Tomorrow’s Business Success” Two perspectives on recent major summits.

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