Aarohan Communications

Aarohan Communications

Training License: India

Direct contact: Meera Tenguria email: [email protected]

Aarohan Communications, a corporate communications consultancy for 25+ years, has partnered with C-suite, investor relations and corporate communications teams to define and communicate their corporate narrative, articulate their business value proposition and craft powerful communication strategies.

We are passionate about sustainability and the important role of corporates in sustainability. Our training programs are tailored for the professionals who are at the forefront of the changing corporate scenario.

Our training programs enable top and senior management, finance and sustainability professionals, CSR professionals, investment professionals, policymakers, executives, experts and students to maintain, upskill, and appraise their learning on the topic of sustainability communications and reporting and be recognized for their knowledge of sustainability issues.

Aarohan Communications is an approved Training Partner of The Value Reporting Foundation in India and the training course (adapted to Indian conditions) has been designed, developed and approved by VRF. We aim to frontend the mainstreaming of Integrated Reporting in India, through certified training, thought leadership, and production of integrated reports.

Our training programs and services will enable companies to embrace a wider definition of creating, delivering, capturing and communicating value. The integrated reporting model is a globally relevant and effective framework for communication and we are proud to partner with the Value Reporting Foundation in its endeavour of getting more and more companies on board.

With experience and expertise in every aspect of corporate communications and report creation, Aarohan Communications is uniquely positioned to deliver a practical training programme to embed sustainable thinking and all-round value creation into the strategic thought process across an organization. Aarohan Communications will use its extensive experience in corporate communications, sustainability, reporting and training to support the development of skills, knowledge and competencies required for implementing integrated reporting.

“As sustainability reporting and integrated reporting get increasingly adopted by organizations across India, training teams and senior management about concepts and elements of integrated reporting will become a critical factor. As a Value Reporting Foundation Integrated Reporting Training Partner, we will develop and provide high-quality practical training to assist businesses in the smooth adoption of integrated reporting. Our goal is to use our training as a facilitator to help organizations motivate their stakeholders towards a holistic view of the company’s value-creation.”
– Ms Meera Tenguria CEO, Aarohan Communications

Aarohan Communications serves the entire spectrum of requirements for corporate and internal communications. These include integrated and annual reports, investor presentations, IPO communications, websites, employee engagement collaterals, brand communications, sustainability reports and more.

Please visit www.aarohancommunications.com or write to [email protected] to register for certified training programmes or for more information.