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What CPA Australia says about its journey towards integrated reporting

CPA Australia is committed to continuing its global leadership in driving the uptake of integrated reporting as it provides a more complete picture of how a business creates and generates value. Chief Executive, Alex Malley, was the first Australian Council member of the IIRC.

CPA Australia is a member of the <IR> Business Network for organizations committed to the adoption of Integrated Reporting, and who are embracing integrated thinking and driving innovation to be at the forefront of this evolution in corporate reporting.
In 2011, CPA Australia produced a combined annual and GRI-based sustainability report for the first time, and since then has been progressively moving towards producing fully integrated reports, with its 2013 report being its first integrated report. CPA Australia’s 2014 report won the Australasian Reporting Award for Best Integrated Report.

Moving towards integrated reporting has also involved a shift in internal management systems and processes, and lead to greater connectivity in management information. With an integrated approach, it is easier to stay focused on what is related to value creation, and the assessment of risks and opportunities.

CPA Australia recognizes that integrated reporting better meets stakeholders’ increasing desire for relevant and concise disclosure of a business’s value creation processes. The provision of this information helps stakeholders make better informed assessments of organizations and their performance and outlook. As an operational tool, integrated reporting provides directors and managers with an interconnected view of all dimensions of business performance to which an organisation relates. CPA Australia endorses the view that better information leads to better decision-making.

You can view CPA Australia’s 2019 report here.

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