About ImpactVest

ImpactVest is an impact mission-driven private equity fintech group focused on promoting a purpose-driven economy and re-imagining capitalism towards the achievement of building an equitable and sustainable future. We aim to achieve our impact goals through our portfolio companies and impact funds dedicated to promoting the integration of sustainability and impact throughout the financial system, and creating a supportive ecosystem for impact investors and sustainable companies focused on finding innovative and holistic solutions to the UN SDG’s.

At ImpactVest we are creating a new financial and sustainability paradigm, utilizing the most innovative Defi concepts and harnessing blockchain technologies to drive sustainable and resilient growth through a new wave of value creation, in which impact equals real actionable results and drives positive change.

Diversity, inclusion, and providing a high impact-focused ecosystem for globally underrepresented and undercapitalized founders, companies, and investment themes dedicated to the 2030 UN SDG goals are ImpactVest values, and we are excited to be part of a sustainable and inclusive future creating the future of market-based decentralised finance approaches towards positive sustainable outcomes.

What ImpactVest Group says about its journey towards integrated reporting

At ImpactVest we seek to explore impact value creation through comprehensive and authentic integrated reporting that clearly articulates our impact strategy while encouraging integrated thinking and reporting throughout our organisation. We also seek to improve internal processes through integrated reporting which will lead to improved decision making and internal processes, leading to value creation for all stakeholders through non-financial factor measurement and identification.