Robbie Campo

Robbie Campo

Group Executive – Brand, Engagement, Advocacy and Product

Robbie Campo is the Group Executive – Brand, Engagement, Advocacy and Product at Cbus Super – the largest pension fund in Australia for workers in the building construction and allied industries. She has worked as an executive for over two decades in the pension fund industry and has extensive experience in executive leadership in strategy, communications, CX, member engagement, product, brand & marketing, public policy & advocacy, risk management and financial advice.

She is also experienced as a non-executive director in financial services, investment, public sector and not-for-profit sectors. Robbie works closely with Cbus’ investment team to support their approach to responsible investment and climate roadmap disclosures.

Robbie has a deep and sustaining passion for improving the lives of Cbus members and a determination to ensure all Australians have a secure and comfortable retirement. Her priorities are on system settings that are grounded in a solid evidentiary base, are long term, sustainable, create fair and equitable outcomes for all in retirement (noting that there is some work to achieve this for women in Australia).

Robbie is a passionate advocate of integrated reporting. The <IR> Framework guides Cbus’ highly regarded annual reports and provides a holistic, transparent and concise narrative of how Cbus creates long-term value for its members and other stakeholders.

Robbie is currently a Director and Audit and Risk Committee member at Victoria Legal Aid. She is also a Director of Women in Super and the Chair of their Policy Committee.