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SBM Holdings Ltd

What SBM Holdings Ltd says about its journey towards integrated reporting

During the past few years, our Group has started to adopt the principles of integrated reporting in its annual reports, as set out by the International Integrated Reporting Council.

We are putting a lot of effort in presenting a balanced assessment of how we create value for our stakeholders in the short, medium and long term. By so doing, we have gradually focused on making our reports more relevant and engaging by providing an overview of both our financial and non-financial activities. Our main objective is to facilitate our stakeholders’ assessment of the performance and sustainability of SBM Group across various areas that are relevant to them, while at the same time meeting different regulatory requirements.

Using the integrated reporting approach also allows us to be more transparent and accountable to all our stakeholders, especially as it is our primary report for communicating with them. We also explain our dependence on, and the impact of, our various forms of capital, which are fundamentals to our ability to create value over the long term.

Kee Chong Li Kwong Wing, G.O.S.K., Group Chairman SBM Holdings Ltd

“Our recent integrated annual report aims to provide a fair, accurate, reliable, transparent and balanced overview of the Group’s financial and non-financial performance, its strategy, governance as well as outlook. It narrates both qualitative and quantitative matters that are material to the Group’s ability to successfully deliver on its strategy and create and sustain value for its stakeholders.  We now look forward to improving our reporting and embedding integrated thinking more in our activities. We believe that our collaborative interaction with the IIRC network will take us to another level in our integrated reporting journey as we not only want to be adopters of integrated thinking and reporting but also wish to be trend-setters in Mauritius.”

Read SBM Holding’s Integrated Annual Report 2019 here.

About SBM Holdings Ltd

SBM Holdings Ltd is a provider of banking and non-banking financial solutions to retail, SME, corporates and high net worth clients. The company is present in Mauritius, India, Madagascar, Kenya and Seychelles. SBM Group is the third largest listed company in Mauritius.

The Group offers a wide range of deposit, payments, financing, investment, advisory and ancillary solutions. The customer base is fairly diversified, and serviced through multi-channel capabilities including branches, ATMs, POS terminals, e-commerce gateways, and internet and mobile banking solutions, among others. The Group also operates a non-financial cluster for non-financial equity investments.