Takayuki Sumita

Takayuki Sumita


Takayuki Sumita is Chair of the World Intellectual Capital Initiative (WICI), having previously been the Chair of WICI from 2009 to 2013, where he was actively involved in establishing the Integrated Reporting Framework, as well being responsible for summarizing the background paper on Connectivity issued by the IIRC.

Before returning to WICI, from June 2016 he served as a board member of Future Center Alliance Japan (FCAJ) to promote open and democratic innovation.

In 2018, he was Secretary General, IP Strategy Headquarters, Cabinet Office, where he took the leadership to propose a ‘business management design sheet’, which is a tool to improve the quality of integrated reports.

Since 2004, he has been the Director for IP Policy Office in METI, where he has been promoting intellectual assets-based management to encourage companies to correctly recognize and to best utilize their own intangible assets in order to create utmost value from their business model.

Takayuki graduated from Tokyo University (1985) and Graduate School for Foreign Service, Georgetown University (1993). In 1985, he joined MITI (currently METI, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) and was involved in trade negotiation and policy planning especially on intellectual property, innovation, distribution and IT.







From the beginning of July 2019, he