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Thaioil Public Company Ltd

What Thaioil Public Company Ltd says about its journey towards integrated reporting

Thaioil Public Company Limited (TOP) mission is to enrich stakeholders’ well-being, and deliver sustainable returns built upon innovation, technology and resilient portfolio with top class management and accountable corporate governance, in order to create a high-performing organization that will promote organizational growth, create a leading level of return on investment, reduce the volatility of profits by diversifying the business, and create shared value for the organization and its stakeholders.

To align with our new mission, the organization will adopt the International <IR> Framework in order to provide a more holistic view of the organization’s business operations through integrated thinking that will effectively communicate material information about the organization’s strategy, governance and performance.

The International <IR> Framework has allowed TOP to better capture and provide insight into how risks and opportunities may impact the organization’s ability to generate long-term shared value, as well as demonstrate transparency. TOP is looking forward to the annual publication of integrated reports using the International <IR> Framework for years to come.

Read Thailoil’s Annual Integrated report 2019 here.

About Thaioil Public Company Ltd

Thaioil Public Company Limited (TOP) is a Thai listed organization within Stock Exchange of Thailand, and is a subsidiary of PTT Public Company Limited.

TOP is Thailand’s largest refinery with current production capacity of 275,000 barrels per day. Currently, TOP-produced fuels are supporting around 30% of Thailand’s fuel demand, and leads the Thai refinery industry through a well-planned and integrated production process that yield optimum efficiency in a refining process.

TOP operates under the Operational Excellence principle, which has expanded to both upstream and downstream, that allows the organization to contribute to long-term value creation. TOP’s upstream operational business unit consists of crude oil marine transportation. TOP’s downstream operational business units consist of petrochemical products, lube base oil, power generation, ethanol, petroleum products transportation via shipping and piping, human resource management, and solvent trading in Vietnam.

As the refinery and petrochemical industry has become increasingly stringent, TOP continuously strives to create steady and sustainable growth through being a leading refinery and petrochemical plant in the region, a leading chemical distributor in Asia, and increasing the new business portfolio to ensure sustainable growth.