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The Crown Estate

What The Crown Estate says about its journey towards integrated reporting 

We began our integrated reporting journey in 2013 with participation in the International Integrated Reporting Council’s pilot programme. Through this, we shared our experiences with other companies and supported the development of an international framework for better reporting.

It was a three year programme working towards a new vision, which would integrate sustainability across our business and improve our approach to reporting, looking at how we create value in the short, medium and long term. As sustainability is core to everything we do and a driving factor behind our strategy and long-term commercial success, integrated reporting was an ideal way of enabling this.

In our first year of integrated reporting we outlined our business model and identified the material issues that impact our performance. In our second year we looked more deeply at our markets and improved our understanding of the resources and relationships that sustain our business and contribute to our success. In our third integrated report in 2015, we focused on developing robust measurement indicators and exploring the broader impact of what we do and how we can inspire change.

In everything we do, we are driven by a clear purpose of creating ‘conscious commercialism’. This means taking a long-term view, considering what we do from every perspective, and working in partnership with customers, communities, partners and our supply chain to deliver positive outcomes for all.

We have continued to evolve our approach to integrated reporting in each subsequent year.

Read The Crown Estate Annual Integrated report 2019 here.

About The Crown Estate

The Crown Estate is a £14.3 billion UK real estate business. Their interests in central London extend to 9.9 million sq ft of office, retail, dining and public space, while regionally their portfolio spans 7.2 million sq ft of prime retail and leisure destinations.

As the manager of the seabed around England, Wales and Northern Ireland, The Crown Estate plays an active role in facilitating the development of the UK’s offshore wind, cables, pipelines and marine aggregates sectors. Their coastal holdings include around half the foreshore and we have a substantial rural portfolio. The Crown Estate is also responsible for the Windsor Estate, including Windsor Great Park.