Implementing Integrated Reporting: PwC’s practical guide to a new business language

The focus of PwC’s <IR> Steering group this past year has been very much about practical tools. PwC has published a practical guide on Implementing Integrated Reporting. It sets out a base foundation for management teams to adopt <IR>.

PwC’s <IR> Steering group, who published this practical guide, hope it will prompt deeper conversations among companies already on the <IR> journey and will be useful for those that might be looking at implementing more holistic management systems internally.  Four of the five stages towards Integrated Reporting proposed in the practical guide are very much focused on internal decision making processes. The fifth leads onto external reporting.

Inside the guide:
– Practical steps based on the foundations of Materiality, Value creation and Impact evaluation
– An innovative new tool – the integrated dashboard, explained in greater detail
– A concise business case citing recent research on the benefits of more holistic reporting
– Disclosure examples from global companies
– A foreword from Paul Fitzsimon on the relevance of a new way of thinking for the future of reporting