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Aviva Investors Investment Research: Time for a brave new world?

17 October, 2017

Capital markets play an incredibly important role in society. Productive economies require profitable companies with sustainable long-term business models to provide jobs and wealth. Such companies need to be able to attract the support of the capital markets. The study was commissioned to better understand why sell-side research tends to focus on the short term …

EY: Is your nonfinancial performance revealing the true value of your business to investors?

12 April, 2017

This year’s EY Investor Survey and report on ESG and nonfinancial reporting provides insights into the views of more than 320 institutional investors on nonfinancial reporting by publicly traded companies and the role ESG analysis plays in their investment decision-making. You can read and the complete report here

State Street: The Investing Enlightenment

12 April, 2017

How Principle and Pragmatism Can Create Sustainable Value through ESG. There are significant challenges in our world today, ranging from deep income inequality to climate change. There are also advances in understanding and analysis that allows us to take a pragmatic approach to a critical but seemingly elusive question: How can we leverage the capital …

Michael P. Krzus: Integrated Reporting for a Long-term Strategy

20 March, 2017

This document maps the International Integrated Reporting Framework to the “10 elements of a long-term strategy,” creating a framework for communicating a company’s long-term strategy to investors. The framework has three broad objectives. Provide practical guidance for establishing a corporate-investor dialogue about an organization’s long-term objectives and the actions needed to achieve strategic goals. Challenge …

The investor ‘blind taste test’ on Integrated Reporting

5 May, 2015

The long-term success of Integrated Reporting requires active engagement with investors, who in turn value the benefits it brings as part of the investment decisions they make. Recent PwC research asked investment professionals to rate the importance attached to a range of information disclosures. An overwhelming majority placed importance on broader information – clear links …