The Value Reporting Foundation has a structure that includes a governing board of directors (the ‘Value Reporting Foundation Board’) and two independent boards that govern the content of the <IR> Framework and SASB Standards.

The Value Reporting Foundation is advised, supported and guided by stakeholders internationally through its networks and advisory groups, to ensure the work of the Foundation is responsive to market needs and input.

Key to the development of integrated reporting and integrated thinking:

The International Integrated Reporting Council is a global coalition of regulators, investors, companies, standard setters, the accounting profession, academia and NGOs. It is the primary institutional forum for expression of the Value Reporting Foundation’s broad market view on matters relating to integrated reporting and integrating thinking, as well as a medium for its interaction and provision of advice, guidance and input on issues of relevance for the organization, including its nature, objectives, purpose, vision and mission, as well as its strategy and the means by which to deliver it.

<IR> Ambassadors seek to support the mission and work of the Value Reporting Foundation by helping to promote our aims.

The <IR> Academic Network is a platform that facilitates the collaboration between academics and others, including reporting organizations, providers of financial capital, policy-makers and standard setters, and the sharing of information. The network also ensures the Value Reporting Foundation is kept abreast of relevant academic thinking, including research evidence concerning the business case for integrated reporting.

The <IR> Business Network is the Value Reporting Foundation’s global flagship programme for engaging with leading organizations around the world committed to furthering integrated thinking and reporting. It is a diverse group of leading organizations from a range of sectors and regions, united by a drive to contribute to financial stability and sustainable development.

<IR> Regional Committees are run regionally and at an in-country level by Value Reporting Foundation partners to support the local uptake and adoption of integrated thinking and reporting.

<IR> Training Partners have been appointed, as part of our commitment to drive high-quality integrated reporting globally, to deliver our training. These partners have been appointed because of their knowledge and understanding of integrated reporting.