New Research on Reporting in New Zealand published by the McGuinness Institute

23 July 2018 in Blog posts

Neil Stevenson (IIRC Managing Director, Global Implementation) pictured with McGuiness Institute publication Survey Insights: An analysis of the 2017 Extended External Reporting Surveys. Wendy McGuinness, Chief Executive of the New Zealand-based think tank McGuinness Institute, recently visited the IIRC offices in London. She brought with her a number of publications from the Institute’s Project ReportingNZ, …

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Integrated reporting ideal tool for responding to new UK Corporate Governance Code

16 July 2018 in Our news

The UK’s revised Corporate Governance Code issued today provides the ideal opportunity for British companies to adopt integrated reporting, with the new Code strengthening the alignment with the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC). A principle of the new Code issued by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) is that the board should have the necessary ‘resources’ …

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IIRC welcomes appointment to IASB Management Commentary Consultative Group

10 July 2018 in Our news

The International Integrated Reporting Council’s Chief Technical Officer, Lisa French, has been appointed to the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) Management Commentary Consultative Group. The IASB is revising and updating its practice statement on Management Commentary, initially issued in 2010, to reflect the latest developments in corporate reporting. This consultative group has been appointed to …

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IIRC Newsletter

3 July 2018 in Newsletter

In this issue: <IR> Technology Initiative: New guide on integrated reporting for Chief Information Officers published From Monocapitalism to Multicapitalism: 21st Century System Value Creation IIRC launches new <IR> Network group to drive integrated thinking CFA Institute and IIRC in new global partnership to promote integrated reporting in financial analyst community PwC survey demonstrates 84% …

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Value proposition of integrated reporting and the price-book ratio model: Evidence from Japan

2 July 2018 in Blog posts

How can we connect non-financial capitals and corporate value? A new book, ‘Corporate Governance and Value Creation in Japan‘, which was launched in May 2018 as my first English book, provides a conceptual framework for integrating intangibles with ROE as well as empirical evidence and case studies supporting this model. Inconvenient truth: No meaningful value …

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Why do investors want to talk about purpose?

27 June 2018 in Blog posts

“We have to get better at looking at the bigger picture, where our driver is not profit above all else, as this is an unsustainable business model”, a quote from an executive – Purpose Beyond Profit: The Value of Value – Board-level Insights Our work is built on the premise that a business can help …

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Intangible Balance Sheet

14 June 2018 in Blog posts

To transform governance, accountability and decision making to a framework based on the six capitals of the integrated reporting model, will require investors, boards and management to give as much attention to non-financial capital to that traditionally given to financial capital. What might hasten this transition is to apply the traditionally proven approaches of financial …

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Value creation in today’s world

13 June 2018 in Blog posts

A focus on value creation for your own organization – the way to promote inclusion and long-term thinking ‘Purpose’ has become popular in recent times. It is a word now to be found in many CEO letters in annual reports, and used as a short hand for restating or redefining the social role of companies, …

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